Gacha Nox APK v1.3.2 Download

Gacha Nox APK v1.3.2 Download – Android & PC [1Updated]

Introduction: What is Gacha Nox?

Gacha Nox emerges as one of the most sought-after modifications for Gacha Club enthusiasts. With its official release on December 24, 2022, it swiftly gained popularity within the gaming community. Distinguished by its unique features and enhancements, Gacha Nox APK promises players an unparalleled gaming experience. Notably, its customization options, enriched with new assets and scene designs, contribute to its allure. Furthermore, the game’s presentation in a soothing pink visual theme adds to its appeal, making it an engaging choice for players eager for a fresh experience within the Gacha universe.

NameGacha Nox
Size174 Megabytes
Made byNoxula
PriceFree to play
CategoryCasual, Gacha MOD

Characteristics of Gacha Nox:

Gacha Nox APk
  1. Bug Fixes: The developers have diligently addressed various bugs, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.
  2. Data Sharing: Gacha Nox facilitates the seamless import and export of characters and other data, fostering community engagement.
  3. Full Version for Windows: The Windows version of Gacha Nox offers a comprehensive mod experience for Gacha Club players.
  4. Sleek UI Design: The game boasts an intuitive user interface design, enhancing navigation and overall user experience.
  5. Abundance of Assets: With over 320 new assets, including accessories, poses, backgrounds, and more, Gacha Nox offers ample creative opportunities.
  6. New Content: A fresh song addition enriches the gameplay experience, adding to the game’s charm.

Graphics and Sound:

Gacha Nox captivates players with its impressive graphics and immersive sound design. The game’s unique art style sets it apart from other Gacha titles, with beautifully drawn characters and meticulously crafted environments. Accompanied by well-executed sound effects and music, Gacha Nox delivers a sensory-rich experience that enhances gameplay immersion.

New Minigames:

Innovating upon the original Gacha Club minigames, Gacha Nox introduces a range of new and thrilling challenges. These additional minigames not only offer increased entertainment value but also provide players with opportunities to earn rewards for their characters, further enriching the gameplay experience.

Exclusive Items and Accessories:

Gacha Nox introduces exclusive items and accessories that are unavailable in the standard version of the game. This inclusion allows players to elevate their character customization with rare and unique items, enabling them to stand out within the Gacha Club community.

Installation Guide:


  • Download the Gacha Nox Mod APK file from the provided link.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s settings.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file and start the installation procedure.
  • Grant the necessary permissions when prompted, and launch the app to start playing.

Gacha Nox For Windows/PC:

  • Download the Gacha Nox file for Windows from the provided link.
  • Extract the ZIP file using a suitable application.
  • Navigate to the extracted folder and run “Gacha Nox.exe” to begin playing.


  • While Gacha Nox is not officially available for MAC, users can utilize WineBottler to run the Windows version on MAC systems. Follow the provided instructions for a seamless setup.


New Assets:

Gacha Nox introduces an array of new assets.

  • Including accessories,
  • Hairstyles,
  • Facial features, and
  • Backgrounds,
  • Offering players extensive creative possibilities to customize their characters and scenes.


In summary, Gacha Nox represents a standout addition to the Gacha Club modding scene. Developed by user Noxula, this free-to-play RPG offers a high-quality gaming experience tailored for Gacha enthusiasts. With its release marking a significant milestone for fans, Gacha Nox APK continues to garner acclaim for its enhanced features and community-centric approach. Whether importing characters from Gacha Club or sharing content with friends, Gacha Nox promises hours of immersive gameplay and creative expression within the vibrant Gacha universe.

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